Soft spot for subscription boxes

I have a soft spot for subscription boxes.

There is something really exciting about setting them up, without any knowledge of what they are going to contain and finding the surprise through your door every month.
Before children, I had a couple of subscription boxes. Mainly make up, but I did have one which was brilliant which was built to support you when you are on your period. I could do with re subscribing to that one now! I used to love it when I would come home to find the little boxes through my door after a long day at work and have a little unboxing and pamper.

Nowadays I only ever have surprised that are nappy related!
But that’s changing. After a little search I have found some subscription boxes, which I have put together and done a little run down so you can find the perfect one or two for you!

The first in the series is:

With love box
The pamper, stationary and food box.

Each box is available from the 1st to 20th and each new box has a new theme  with different brands ensuring that you will ever get bored! They arrive the first week in the month and are genuinely packed with care.

The boxes can contain sweet treats, beauty, photography, stationary amongst other things. They are all sourced from the UK and contain the most natural ingredients. Within each box there is at least one healthy snack, beauty, stationary and photography pieces.

The May box contains;

The most luscious coffee scrubs.

These are my favourite from this months box. The honest vegan skincare brand misspatisserieuk have collaborated with the with love box and have 3 luscious coffee scrubs. Plain, orange and coconut (that is my fave!)

Tea which will help your skin glow.

I have had a cup a day and it’s a pleasant change from green tea, let me tell you!

Two handy note pads with a lush pineapple design!

Thes have soon become scribble pads for my daughter, unfortunately… but They are very pretty and I enjoyed them while I had them! Needless to say, I will be swiftly hiding anything that looks this fun in the future!


Which made me lust after holidays!

This is a lovely subscription box, and as I suspected I have a deep love for anything pampering so I am on the look for more lushious products in the next one!

Much love,


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