Sensee Facial massager

When this popped into my email I nearly spat my cold tea out!

I have seen plenty of facial rollers and if im completely honest some are naff and break very easily. Others are great. This falls into the good. At the moment I use the body shop facial roller and this one.

I think the whole reason I wanted to review this was to have a laugh at its design, that and the fact that facial massage is key when you have acne.

The whole concept of the facial massager is to lift and help tone. It increases circulation, in other words increases blood flow which is majorly beneficial for acne sufferes.

This is nothing new, there are plenty of these about on the market but it make me laugh so much I think I have exercised my face through the laughter!

Much to all of your amusement you can now have your chance to win one right here!

Win A Sensse Facial Contour Definer & Toning Derma Roller #4

You are very welcome for giving you a laugh on this miserable day! It honestly is a facial massager which tones your skin, no filth here please!


Much love xx

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