Pacapod: Podding on

Who doesn’t love a good bag? A bag that functions as a changing bag too? Double tick.

I have  reviewed my fair share of bags, and for nearly 2 years in I am still finding some wonderful bags that make my life easier.

Pacapod bags have been on my wish list for a while and when daddy freckle vlogged about his Pico by Pacapod I had to see what the other designs were like.

The Pacapod Hastings has arrived and we also have a mini Pacapod for Flo.

The most wonderful feautures of any pacapod bag are the pods themselves. As an allergy mummy I carry a medication bag everywhere with me. I have to ensure that we have the EpiPens, Piriton and asthma inhalers are carried everywhere with us.

Previous to having a Pacapod, we had a separate little grab bag which contained it all which we would transfer from bag to bag, to grandparents and playgroup. However, with the handy little pod it is set up ready and can be clipped into the bag or easily clipped to the buggy/ given to grandparents. Then, when the batton is passed back then the pod is passed back too!

The design is well thought out, and can be used as a backpack or satchel. However, for me the straps on the bag needed to be kept as one way as the movement of the straps from backpack to satchel caused me to much to think about! So I secured the straps in the backpack style.

It is very lightweight, has an easy access pocket at the front and comes with two pods and a changing mat. One pod is insulated and can easily hold 3 bottles. The other we use as a medication bag but can be used as a changing pod.

This design is one of the more affordable options at £72.

The mini pacapod is so cute! It has lots of little pockets internally and a clear pocket at the front where you can put a photo, their name or their favourite toy! We have used it as a travel buddy on several trips and it is very handy!

It fits her drink bottle, snacks and a little pad with colours easily! I also sneak a spare set of clothes in there to free up room in mine but don’t tell her!

I am lusting after the new range and the Firenze has to be my ultimate favourite from Pacapod. However I have a feeling you will see another Pacapod reviewed soon!

Much love,

Mother Freckle xx


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