Making car washing a family thing with Armor All

At the risk of sounding like bing bunny, washing cars is definitely a freckle thing.

I think it started when I was a child and I took a nice round rock to the side of my dad’s prized little sports car. He never used it any more I mean what even washed thinking buying a 2 seater with 2 kids! He should have expected us to ruin it.

So when Armor All sent us a pack of their car washing range we felt very happy to get the sponges out even though it is freezing outside!

Flo is always happy to help, Edie on the other hand stays firmly strapped to my back.

Mike does his best, bless him. But cleaning cars is sort of my thing, I love it.

When washing cars with kids, I find it best to not go all gung ho and use a small bucket of water. That way they don’t end up with soggy socks and drenched to the bone.

One bit at a time, and do not what ever you do go for a perfect finish. That does not exist with kids helping!

It’s more about the fun, and the time doing it and then you can do the proper job of it!

Either way, get out with them and do it. Trust me it’s a bloody good laugh and it gets done better with quality cleaning products.

Much love

MF x


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