Garden challenge from Varta

Since we moved into our house almost 2 years ago we have made it our little family mission to have colourful, animal and bug friendly gardens. We want to create spaces where the girls can grow fruit and see wildlife.
It’s has been a lot of hard work. When we first moved in we started on the back garden. We had to clear a rotten shed, lots of dead plants and tons of stones. We’ve just about got it looking ok and hopefully by next summer we will have lots of lovely strawberries, blueberries, carrots and lots lots more.
Over the last few months we started on the front garden. We live on a street with lots of pretty gardens and ours just looked flat. However we didn’t just want to stick lots of flowers in it we wanted to be able to grow fruit in, have plants for hungry bees and have it all lit up at night so we could watch the happy hedgehog who comes and visits us.

Also the front of the house at Christmas with all the lights up looks beautiful and we wanted a bit of that magic all year round. So when Varta set us a garden challenge, and sent some lights to shine happiness on our front garden we had a space lined up ready for the face lift!

Now daddy freckle is a stickler for anything DIY/ house improvement being of good quality. He also has this thing for batteries. I don’t really get it but he won’t buy just any battery. Apparently he has had bad experiences with melting batteries, ruined his CD player many moons ago. With this in mind Varta solar garden lights, fairy lights and rechargeable batteries apparently pass this quality test.
The lights have done the job. They look sleek and stylish and provide an amazing amount of light. Those little batteries pack a punch because all through the night the front of the house is lit up beautifully.

The Varta sports light will be perfect for our up coming adventure to Camp Besitval. It gives off a lovely warm glow and has already survived a 3 year olds buttery fingers. It emits a light which reduces the likelihood of those pesky flying bugs mithering you while you are trying to have a nice glass of vino in the garden after a long day.

So here are the results!



I am more than happy with the results!

MF  xx


We were kindly gifted the lights and batteries featured but as always thoughts and opinions are my own!


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