Can we get better baby changing facilities?

As a first time mother you spend an awful lot of time looking for baby change facilities, and boy are they few are far between.

When you do find one, it is a slight lottery as to whether you will want to use them because they can be an afterthought and often forgotten about all together.

So when I was challenged to use some facilities and give my opinion I was happy to. I’ll let you know when the footage goes live on my instagram stories but for now I can share with you the reasons they have tasked me with this project.

Direct365 have developed new products with safety, hygiene and comfort at the forefront of its innovations, including products with anti-bacterial finishes, no sharp edges and advanced wall mountings.
They believe that everywhere should be able to provide a high standard changing facility, but as many parents are aware, this isn’t always the case.
That’s why they are teaming up with parents across the country to do some real-life research into facilities with the aim of encouraging places to check, and if necessary revamp, the amenities they have.

You can check out their video here!

Much love, 

Mother Freckle x

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Direct365

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