Cosatto Pixelate car seat: One big hug

Buying anything for your little ones can be like trying to navigate a maze whist trying to heard a tribe of ducklings back to their mama. Its a tad frustrating, very confusing and you often get pulled in more than one direction. However, buying a car seat is like adding a fox into the mix, as not only now do you have to navigate through the maze with your giddy ducklings, but now their saftey is your top priority too.

So, to make that maze a little easier to navigate I have a mummy standpoint on our latest little number the Cosatto Hug Isofix.


First, the details:

  • Forward facing
  • Suitable from 9kg to 36kg (9 months to 12 years approx.)
  • Isofix compatable
  • Fits both front and rear vehicle seats in all groups where ISOFIX anchors are present
  • 5 position recline
  • Extra-cushioned side impact protection
  • 5-point safety harness with quick-release buckle
  • Height adjustable head rest
  • 2-part reversible seat liner which grows with your child
  • Removable and washable covers
  • 4 year guarantee


Flo is nearly 4 years old, and so had a very strong opinion on which design she wanted. So after I did the mummy stuff of checking out what’s the real deal on this seat was, whether I would be ale to fit it on my own (whilst looking after two children) she got the final say on the design. She went for the pixelate (don’t tell her but that was my choice too).


Installing without the faff

We have always had Isofix car seats, they are safer and a lot less faff, especially if you have to transport them from one car to another (grandparents etc.). However, the Hug Isofix is the ultimate click and go seat, and has to be one of the easiest seats I have had the pleasure of installing. I say pleasure, because usually it envolves either myself or Daddy Freckle *whispering* an absurd amount of expletives or someone trapping their finger leading to the hop in one foot dance so you don’t scream.


This was an actual pleasure. All you have to do is:

  1. Press a button, so the Isofix connectors pop out
  2. Place the anchor belt over the top of the seat
  3. Click the Isofix connectors into the Isofix points
  4. Attach the anchor belt to an anchor point. This is basically a metal hook that you can find in your car (they are labelled)

I did this all by myself (massive chufty points) whilst flying solo with two littles, it was that quick and easy.

In it for the long haul

The Hug Isofix converts from a baby seat to a big kid booster seat (9kg-36kg approx.) That’s over a decade of hugs. There is no swopping when they get to 4, adding extra bits, buying a separate base, none of that. Just plain and simple. Invest and it lasts. One of the reasons we needed a new seat was because the one we had at the time had become too small before Flo had turned 4.


Big Saftey Hug

You can always tell when an item is quality. This car seat, not only has Isofix but has extra cushion Side Impact Protection and a 5 point safety harness with a faff free quick release safety button so you can click them out with one hand. One of the biggest points that this differs to any other is the anti escape system. Flo is a contortionist who can master the skill of squeezing out of any seat, I am sure she sees it as a challenge.

So when Cosatto told me that 9 out of 10 children cannot wriggle out of the Hug then the first thing that came to mind was CHALLENGE ACCPETED!

Guess what. She has yet to wriggle out.


Apart from the ingenious design, I think that the comfort of the seat and the extra hug she gets from the anti escape system leaves her feeling safe and comfortable.

Stains be gone

The Hug’s leatherette upholstery, and luxury comfortable fabrics with extra cushioning can be easily removed and popped in the wash. A must have for kids who eat as much as mine do.


With a huge 20% until the end of April you pick up a hug of your own for £243.96 here. It comes in 4 different designs.


Be sure to follow Cosatto on instagram for the latest releases, sneak peaks and competitions!

Much love,

Mother Freckle xx


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