The Reality of Holidaying with two young Kids: How to keep energetic kids entertained with Marc Warner

This year, is the year of yes for the Freckle family. This year we will be showing you the reality of holidaying with two young kids. Two young, energetic freckles who as you all know are full of beans from the moment they wake up to the moment the go to sleep!

For the past 4 years we haven’t ventured overseas instead we have road tripped around the UK, from our festival times last summer to camping in Norfolk for a Pig Party!


Whilst we have enjoyed the wonders of the UK, a bit of guaranteed sunshine wouldn’t go a miss. So, this year the Freckles hope to take flight to sunnier climates.

First is to pick the where you want to go, and what time of year.


May and June are an excellent time to get away to find slightly milder weather, quieter beaches and ideal for young families to reduce the likelihood of tantrums and overheated meltdowns. I am envisioning a delicate heat whilst a slight breeze is whispering against my skin. Holding an ice cold beverage in one hand and a book in the other. The reality is that I would need some award winning childcare to have on hand for this to be achieved and some child friendly activities to make the most of their endless amounts of energy!

That is why, with hope in my heart, I am dreaming of feeling the vibes of a Marc Warner Holiday. If you haven’t heard of Marc Warner Holidays before today (I am sure you have) they are renowned for their award winning childcare facilities and activity holidays.

Before having children, I was adamant that I wouldn’t put the kids into kids clubs and that I would spend every second of the day with them. However, I have seen through the Marc Warner ambassador programme how amazing these kids clubs are, and that in fact the kids prefer them! I mean, who could blame them? Dedicated trained staff to entertain them, whilst parents take some well earned recovery time! Some time making friends and having fun does them, and you wonders.

If you, like me, have seen the Marc Warner Ambassadors across social media over the past 4 years you will know how family orientated they are and that is why I would love to be considered as one of the Marc Warner Ambassadors in 2018.

This year Marc Warner have a brand new resort in Turkey called Phokaia Beach Resort which is positioned on the west coast of Turkey outskirts of the harbour town of Foça. Foça is a town in Izmir best known for its crystal clear waters, rich history and delicious seafood. It would make for Instagram gold, but also for Family gold. With so many activities like windsurfing and kayaking it would make for some fun quality time with the other half whilst the kids enjoy some dedicated kids time!

Holidays have definitely changed since having kids, but the reality is: it’s actually better. A bit like how Christmas gets better. It’s all about finding that balance.

I am wondering what you are planning for the summer? And have you ever been on a Marc Warner holiday? What did you think?


Much Love,

Sammi-Jo xx

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  1. Tiffany says:

    A sunny holiday sounds perfect after the winter we’ve all had in the UK! We too haven’t taken the kids abroad on holiday yet but after reading this I’ll definitely look into Marc Warner. Sometimes the thought of flying with 2 kids puts me on edge and I would worry that once I arrived to a resort I’d turn into stressed out cranky mom. At least with what Marc Warner offer it gives moms a chance to relax! Best of luck on the ambassador!

    1. Mother Freckle says:

      Tell me about it! It’s been a long winter hasn’t it! Its so appealing in so many ways but I think they have balanced it right!

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