Growing an extra grey hair

This morning was pretty full on. We had two doctor appointments, a drop off at playgroup, then a mum meet up in Manchester.  So in my standard style, I was late, for every single thing.

Florence’s test results were back after the rushed x-ray last week, and after me thinking pretty much every single scenario would turn out in us resulting in a hospital stay, I had over thought the life out of the reason why we had to go in to hear the results. Then, we had to wait for a print off of the results. The GP was a locum, so called in the nurse practitioner to school her in how to print. Whilst all the time I was saying to myself “control alt p, control alt fucking p”.

I mean, who calls someone in to say “we don’t think there is anything to worry about, but we will do x-ray next month”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that there is nothing wrong. I’d be a pretty shit mum if I was disappointed at those results… But surely that conversation could have been had over the phone, then I wouldn’t have grown an extra grey hair during the night.

I must have spent half the night with the baby stuck to my nipple, worrying not only about whether I will spray milk all over the bed but whether my eldest had a mammoth size mass in her lungs that would be inoperable… oh my how my mum brain goes to the worst possible scenario!

But, all is well.

So, off I trotted to the Manchester mamas collective event with the unmumsy mum, and met up with my girls. Had an amazing lunch and talked all things nipple related.

Now, I am avoiding making an outfit for world book day tomorrow. Because, Florence’s favourite book is the paw patrol magazine that she got this morning in bribery to let me brush her hair. So, please expect plenty of paw patrol related posts tomorrow, and feel my pain as I will have a 3 year old running at full pelt up and down the living room at 6 am in the morning shouting “paw patrol, paw patrol, whenever your in trouble”.

Good night all, and expect more blogging from moi.


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