Festival essentials when camping with kids

So it’s that time of year. Festival season is very much upon us and without a doubt festivaling with kids can be make or break.  Make you drink gin or break your spirit! All jokes aside, it is a recent venture for us but as the youngest one has now started to nap less and needs entertaining more,  we need family things to occupy everyone all in one place.

Now daddy freckle and I have been to several festivals and gigs before procreating and love them. However festivaling with kids is just slightly different.

There will be pee thrown about, there will be random drunk style dancing in a muddy field, there will be glitter and there will be ace music.

However when you are at a family festival, it is in a completely different way to when you are at an oasis gig!

So I have put together a basic essentials list to help you have more time enjoying the music and fun to be had instead of spending time pitching the tent or queuing at the bogs.


Buy the biggest one you can afford, we had this amazing one which pumped up from decathlon and it was up in under 10 minutes! We could both stand up in it and that made a world of difference.

Air beds

Get a double one and make sure it’s decent.  No one needs to be on the floor at 3am because it’s got a dodgy valve.


You need to take one for the times when you are in the tent,  especially handy at night time. Even for you grown ups. Tip: open a nappy and place it in the potty saves emptying it out when the little ones need it in the night and no one wants them playing paddling pools with the pee you forgot to empty!


Just take the basics. Beans,  bread/wraps, packet noodles, crisps and anything else than comes in a tin. Apples and oranges are good to get a break from the fast food but don’t bother with bananas they will just get squished. Fruit pouches are ace at keeping hunger at bay and also pick porridge up no end. We love the Piccolo ones and I am not afraid to say I may eat just as many as the kids do! Our faves are the fruit ones.

Maybe I like them too much

Cooker and kettle

When it’s cold and damp,  nothing else but a cup of tea will do. Plus when you are crawling out of your sleeping bag in the morning you will love some hot beans on toast and a coffee to perk you up ready for the day!


The best one we have by far is this one from Varta. It has lasted 3 camping trips without new batteries so far and has an orange light which is certainly better at night time and will reduce the amount of bugs you have that are attracted to light.  The headlamps are a must to if you are up in the night a lot!

Battery power pack

An absolute must if you have kids. When you attend any festival you should have a contact number ON your child. Yes ON them! Whether that is a bangle,  a temporary tattoo or in permanent marker. The best battery pack that I have used so far is another Varta product.  I have the smaller one but next time we will be getting the larger one. Also, buy a spare camera battery if you love taking photos.

CO detector

You can call me safety Sammi-Jo. But this is a serious one. Carbon monoxide is something we all need to think about. We take a little fire Angel CO detector with us camping and just pop it in a tent pocket. Then we test it and leave it there to do it’s job.  If you want any more information then Project shout is a campaign about the dangers of CO poisoning.


Take lots…  And then some more.  Glitter eyes were the best this year and it stayed on even in the rain! They have a ‘glitter glue’ which definitely use,  it’s ace!

Medical bag

This is standard for us but put in plasters, paracetamol, calpol,  piriton, wipes and some nappy bags for anything from soggy socks to soiled pants.


You will use these for everything from wiping snotty noses to wiping your hands after the loo. We love water  wipes as they are very skin to skin, and do not aggregate eczema. We buy them from Amazon because you can usually get some good deals.


These are ACE! you just have to buy one if you are going camping or to  festival. They have so many uses! We used ours to clip on to the trolly and used it as a blackout blanket on the tent! The family one is big enough, but for picnics the XL is better.

Trolly & Carrier

Without one of these you will find it a bit rough going. You can use it to transport all of your heavy camping gear from the car to your pitch and once your are set up use it to transport the kids. If you have younger ones you may want to take their pushchair but we didn’t. I found carrying the baby in our baby bjorn carrier for naps far easier. Plus the one we have is mesh so if the weather changes then you are prepared!

Umbrella, Wellies and more Waterproofs

You never know what the British weather is going to throw at you! I love my Joules wellies and RAINS jacket from Beyond the Stork. The kids had all in one waterproofs from trespass which worked a treat.

We have so many more tips… would you like more?

Either way, get to a family festival with the kids. Trust me it is worth it!

Much love,

MF xx





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