Chilli Banana: Thai food at its best

Last week a friend of mine invited me along as her plus one to a Thai restaurant on Lark Lane in Liverpool. For anyone who knows Liverpool, Lark Lane is the place to go for food. I had heard so many nice things about Chilli Banana and after working in Liverpool for 5 years I finally got the chance to try some of its finest offerings.

As someone’s ‘plus one’ it is the best, as you can enjoy every single element of the night and fully emerse yourself in the experience of dining.

And wow, it was an experience. They make it a night for you, ensuring you have the time and space to eat at a relaxed pace.

We had an amazing selection of starters.

My absolute favourite was the Thai fish cakes. These are like no other. The texture is springy! The taste is fresh and fragrant.

I had the Khao Soi with rice noodles which was a familiar flavour profile.

It almost had that (dare I say it) chip shop curry tasty, creamy, spicy yet sweet. But better. Real, authentic, fresh and full of flavour. In fact, I could say that about the whole menu.

I had the Pla song kreaung served with the classic rice noodle option. This was amazing. The texture of the dish was like no other, yet perfectly balanced with spice and sweetness.

I was lucky that Lucy took me along to the night, because I have found a diamond on Lark Lane. If you are in the area, do pop by. Make sure you have the night to spare though as they certainly do make you feel welcome.

Much love,

Sammi-Jo x

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  1. This looks so delicious! I’ve been to Thai restaurants before, but the food never looked so good. Next time I’m in Liverpool, I will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing!

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