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As a whole, we try and support small businesses where possible. So I though I would share with you some lovely shops who have either reached out to me or that I have found on Instagram.

Burp Boutique is a lovely little online shop run by Kate. Apart from the fact Kate is so bloody lovely, she runs a cool shop. It’s for kids between 0-5 years old, and she hand selects a collection of clothes, toys and books to showcase.

Now, we are a great advocate for books and reading. One because it can occupy Florence for up to 10 minutes before she cries for another packet of pom bears, but most importantly it does that magical thing of calming her down before bed.

Well, most nights.

Some nights, she rebels against all the rules and will only watch Peppa pig whilst eating cheerios. But hey ho. That’s Florence.

So in our bid for the more relaxing, soooothing calmness we opted for some lovely books from Burp boutique.

Kate quickly packaged them up and they came the next day all wrapped up like a present.

When they arrived I was so excited to show them to Florence because in an awful garage flood last year, we lost near enough all of her books and some of her baby clothes. If I thought I was excited then you should have seen Florence!

We have Boo!,I like animalsĀ and Moby Dick (cue sniggers).


Boo! Is her absolute favourite.

Every single day I have read this book. She absolutely loves it.


Edith has her own favourite, although it is most definitly the pictures which hold her attention!


Needless to say I cannot thank Kate enough, she genuinely loves her job and making sure the customer is happy.

She has given me an exclusive 25% off discount code for my followers for this weekend only. That’s 25% off all of the range, not just the books.

Enter FRECKLE25 for 25% off!

I hope you’ll enjoy finding some new little shops on Instagram as we share them, and do let me know if you have any shops you would like to feature as we support small businesses right here in the UK.

Find Burp Boutique here, and don’t forget to use the discount code!


Much Love,


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