It’s a bing thing

If, like us, you have a small catalogue of ‘go to’ kid friendly programmes that without fail give you 10 minutes to wash up/brush your hair in peace and you are looking for another, then check Bing out.


Bing bunny is an animated show made by acamar films, for preschoolers which is shown on cbeebies. Flo absolutely LOVES Bing, so when we was asked to join the Bing bunny blog tour then we of course said yes!

Acamar films asked us to try out their new baking with bing app (available on the Google store and itunes) before trying to make our own ginger bread bing bunny biscuits. Now if that doesn’t sound like a challenge then I don’t know what does!

First, the mess free playing on daddy’s phone underway. Giving me time to set up the ‘baking station’. Now this kept Flo so happy that I managed to get absolutely everything set up whilst she made virtual cookies. The app let’s you cut out shapes, roll them, bake them and then decorate them. It’s actually really good fun, and I’m not to proud to say that I had fun playing along to!


Then came the really fun bit!

As you may know, we are a dairy and egg free household (as Flo has anaphylaxis). So we decided to make our own recipe. Bad choice. Bad bad choice. On reflection I should have taken mummy piggles lead and made my dough before hand, left in the fridge so it was rollable for a 3 year old.

Nooooo, instead we had warm dough (cue sticking to the table) and an all round sticky mess! But surely that’s part of the fun right?

On we went, and popped the cookies in the oven for 15 mins.

Once they were done, we did the only thing you can do when you have a large supply of pink icing, cherries, (soya based) chocolate and hundreds and thousands (aka sprinkles).

We decorated them! In true toddler style!

They actually tasted amazing, but I will not share the recipe. Not because its some close guarded secret but becasue I actually can’t remember exactly what we put in it. Whoops.

All of this right before bedtime!

So cue the bing easter egg book that had come with the bing goodies. It’s the first time Flo has sat for the whole time while we read it, and even hopped up on sugar didn’t stop her from sitting still. It’s clearly a magic book.


There’s just no other answer.

Thanks Bing!

Be sure to come along with the bing blog tour, where tomorrow fellow insta pal and parenting blogger Tom and see how he and his little boy get on!

Oh and Bing is only on Instagram now! Along with Facebook and Twitter. This bunny is a social media star!

Much love,

Mother Freckle xx


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