Hello sunshine! Bax and bay rucksack

Just in time for spring, Bax and Bay have released their waxed cotton yellow zack backpack.

For the lovers of yellow, you will have noticed this ray of sunshine on my instagram feed recently.


I have been enjoying this waxed cotton yellow beauty from Bax and Bay for the past few weeks, and so here is my review.

Since having two children, I have developed a passion for bags.



And more bags.

So I’m always very happy to pass my opinion on anything that will help managing two children feel a little less stressful.

I say manage, because let’s face it we are like managers of a rowdy football team at times. Do you agree?

Lyndsey, who I met through the pixels over a year ago, owns Bax and bay. I also have one of their cub bags, read my original review here.  So when I seen the previews of these, I loved the look of them and she saved one of the first runs of these gorgeous bags just for me!


This bag is perfect for festivals, camping, work and play.

The bright yellow colour is the first thing I noticed, but it is versatile as it is colourful.

It is branded as a rucksack/changing bag, and so, comes with a bottle bag and changing mat as standard. However, if you like me, are up to your ears in changing mats then you can request for it to come without.

The external material is waxed cotton, and internally 100% cotton. Making it 100% washable. Anyone with kids knows the importance of this!


Hands free toddler taming is accomplished. Bottles, butties, clothes, toys and that opened packet of carrot sticks can easily fit in with ease.


If you are looking for an affordable changing back pack then this is your bag. It is stylish, large enough to fit everything you need in and comes in at £140, one of the affordable brand rucksacks out there without compromising on size, style or usefulness!

Find it right here in all of its sunshine glory.

Stay tuned for a giveaway very soon from bax and bay and make sure you take a look at their range here, you’ve heard it from me first there will be a sale this weekend

Much love

Mother Freckle xx

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