Globenfeld mens watch: Review

I had a little help from daddy freckle on this one!

With its stylish design and chunky look you would expect it to be really heavy. Except it’s not. It is lightweight and comfortable.


The design of the rubber strap sits well against the skin, and is durable for the active man.





It is perfect for using whilst exercising, with its handy stopwatch you can time intervals between training. Or if you are less of a gym goer and more of a chef, you can easily time your foodie creations so you don’t end up with an overcooked dinner.


The waterproof ability of this watch enables you to swim with out worry, or if you just forget to take it off when your taking a shower!

This looks the business.


My favourite feature of this watch is the beautiful crafted face. However, it’s alarm feature is brilliant.

It is available here to buy for only £49.99

Definitely an idea for fathers day!

Much love, xx


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