Cub bag: review

Review origionally written June 2016.

Every mother knows the importance of the changing bag. It’s THE bag. The throw everything in and hope that something in there will save your baby (or you) from having a full blown meltdown whilst your out.

Whether that’s an emergency bum change, nipple leakage, food situ- this could be a full blown explosion of strawberries dribbled down the 3rd outfit change or need for a quick snack/drink.

I spotted this little beauty and instantly felt that it was for me. And over the past few months I have absolutely fell in love with my cub bag. And it’s not just me. I can’t stop Mr B from sniping it at every opportunity!

I think bax and bay have completely got this one right. It’s unisex, machine washable and has all the pockets you need.


If you have a little one and bottle feed, then there are two internal bottle pockets. There is a key chain clip, which over everything else is a small miracle clip as I can NEVER find my keys! But I don’t need to worry and saves on those key scrambling minutes when baby is screaming to get in the car/out of the pram. The internal zip pocket is a mini breastfeeding saviour. This is where I keep my lansinoh pads for ease of use. It also comes with a little changing mat, which we use as a little picnic blanket/place on Flo’s knee when she’s eating as she is out of nappies now.


I am a big baby carrier advocate and for those days when you don’t wear your sling/carrier then this doubles as extra support for carrying. It also is brilliant support when breastfeeding/ sleeping toddler!

The only downside to this is the knot on the strap, it came undone when I washed it but bax and bay provide the instructions for how to tie it again very easily!

This bag will last a lifetime.  Even after my babies are grown up I will be rocking this bag. And so will Mr B. I’m pretty sure of that.


Find it here in all its beautifulness along with it’s fellow cotton siblings, mama fox tees and accessories!

It is fully machine washable, fits across ANY pram or buggy, but I love that it can comfortably fit across me. Ideal for hands free toddler taming!

The only problem now, is that Flo wants a matching one to help carry her new baby sister, and has already yoinked my mat for changing dolly nappies. Time to start having a look at the little cub bags to match!

Let me know which one you go for!

Much love,

Sammi-Jo xx

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Love that is machine washable especially when I always find melted chocolate at the bottom of my baby bag x

    1. Yes! Tell me about it! I think they have a sale on still now xx

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