Trying to conceive – why is it not working straight away?

If you’ve landed on this page it’s because of two reasons. You are trying for a baby and it’s not quite happened yet or you follow along on our little journey. Either way, thanks for reading!

When begining this blog piece, it filled me with such emotion that I cried. A mix of happy and sad tears. I cried those powerful tears the ones where you feel your heart actually aches.

I am so happy with my family. I am so happy that we managed to conceive two little babies. It also filled me with sadness. A sadness that I have to have level of acceptance that it might not happen.

Because although we have managed to conceive very quickly in the past, I am now over 30 and we’ve not been caught recently. This is even though I’m otherwise healthy, live an active life and have not been on any contraceptive for over 6 years. We removed all other forms of contraception 3 months ago to try and conceive. Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t been actively going all out to conceive as I wanted to just relax and not stress too much but month 3 rolled on and I was so disappointed at the not pregnant sign that I knew I had to step it up a bit.

So this month, I’ve tracked my cycle, estimated my ovulation and purposefully engagement to create life. You know, if this month we are successful I’ll be so happy that I will cry. Again. Then cry a bit more.

If we haven’t then I’ll be like a woman on a mission next month! I have been taking my pregnancy vitamins which include folic acid, I have also been taking iron supplements.

I want another child so much, but it’s just not happening as quick as before.

So for those who are trying, those who have just started or being trying for months. I’m with you. You are not alone. Come here and share anything with me- or follow on my instagram. I’m always chatting along on my stories 🤣

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