Our love for Flamingo Land knows no boundaries

For those who follow us on instagram you will know how we love Flamingo land. The only problem is, I don’t think it loves us! We have been twice over the past couple of months and we have had some of the best family days out there.

Flamingo land is based in Yorkshire, and it really is the complete package.

It is fun, exciting, relaxing, educational and enjoyment personified.

You can spend the whole day there. There is a zoo, Peter rabbit world, gift shops, restaurants, pirate shows, animal shows and a theme park all rolled into one.

If you plan on going, make sure you pack a big picnic, lots of drinks and wear light clothes that you can layer up or change into.

The theme park is immense.

It has small rides for little ones, fairground games and full on roller coasters for adults. The log flume was a firm favourite as Florence could ride with us and it was huge! It has to be the wettest ride I have ever been on, I was soaked to the bone!

Peter rabbit is one of Florence’s favourite things in the world so to have the characters come out and have photographs for free that was a lovely bonus.

The zoo was beautiful. It felt calm, the animals appeared to be well looked after and the zoo keepers were genuinely interested and would talk to you about their routines.

Be sure to watch the pirate show on your way in or way out, it’s so much fun!

Each time we have left flamingo land we have been unwell, first time I had a terrible migraine and had to leave early and the second time we all had the horrendous winter vomiting bug. But that hasn’t made a difference to our love for it. However, I think next time we need to stay over in their hotel because it is such a fun day I could have slept for days!

Have you ever been before? This was our first year and we have already been back, that says a lot doesn’t it! Please flamingo land, please like us! We like you!

Much love

Mother Freckle xx

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