Must have breastfeeding friendly clothes

You all know that I breastfeed, but what you probably don’t know is that with my first child I did not buy any breastfeeding friendly clothes. I honestly did not know that there was so many independent brands working their little hands hard to make some of the most amazing threads to help mums to conviently breastfeed without doing the usual double top job.

That is all I used to wear when I breastfeed my first child. I would wear one cami top under another more loose fitting tee with a pair of leggings or jeans. Without a doubt I was comfortable, but I lost any of my style or personality in what I wore. At any given opportunity, I would wear a dress or something that would make me feel less frumpy.

Anything with a high neck or a dress was a no go, but there is a world of breastfeeding friendly clothes just waiting to grace your beautiful post pregnancy body. Brands that put time and effort into developing tops and outfits which will make you feel more like ‘you’.

It has taken the wonderful world of Instagram to connect me with some amazing breastfeeding friendly brands that are as stylish as they are comfortable. I have so many that I could mention, but today I have rounded up my top 3. I have plenty more who I love, and feature often on my Instagram page so please do ask me about any others.

Mothers Love Fashion

By FAR my favourite jumpsuit comes from Mothers Love Fashion. It is a beautiful red and has fit me from about 2 months post birth and still fits well now. The way that she has designed the jumpsuit is with clinical precision. The length of the jumpsuit enables it to grow with you as your post baby body changes.

They come in sizes small, medium and large. I wear a medium, and was probably a size 14-16 just after birth and now I am a 10/12. You would be amazed how versatile it has been.

The top section lifts up and underneath is a handy stretchy fabric which overlaps so to keep your breasts/ bra covered if you was not feeding but can easily be parted to have access. Their range of dresses is on par with the jumpsuits. If you are planning to breastfeed, then I would invest in one for sure.

Just Polly London

Just Polly have the most stylish range of dresses and tops which will take you right from pregnancy to breastfeeding and after.

The style and cut of the dresses are on trend but elegant so will be a long stay in the wardrobe.

They are very versatile and are lightweight enough to keep you cool in the summer but can be easily paired with tights or jeans and a jacket in the winter.

Elderflower and Delilah

I have featured this brand so many times, and I just love them. The top only comes in one size and it really does fit all.

The garment can be used for different uses, as a top as a cover or to shelter baby from the sun and wind. It is a stretchy breathable fabric with SPF 50. Gift boxed as standard, it is the ideal gift for a baby shower.

What are your favourite brands? I would love to find some more wonderful makers!

Much love,

MF xx



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