Me and I clothing: new autumn winter collection

I love autumn, it’s the warm snuggly clothes which make it my favourite season. The way the weather takes on a whole different personality and invites you to layer up and become that little more hygge. I know that summer has its perks and don’t get me wrong I love being able to get both kids out without carrying heavy coats and getting soaked to the bone but you can never truly know what a British summer will bring. But autumn is usually quite predictable. I say that with a baited breath, but usually it is cold, less damp and sunnier. So I tend to change up my wardrobe around this time and I have been sent some beautiful outfits for that transitional season and key pieces that can be used throughout the whole year.

A staple for any wardrobe is a good fitting pair of jeans, I am a size 12 and picked the size which equates to that and they are perfect. My stomach is still holding a cake and a few bars of chocolate so they are roomy for sure!

I really love the fit and feel of this tee, it’s slouchy fit and I love the print and concept behind stating we are all as individual as out fingerprints.

The jacket is my favourite.

A staple to any wardrobe is a lightweight blazer which can transition through the whole of the year. This can be layered underneath a heavier coat in winter and early spring, then used as a light coverage over a dress or jeans in summer/autumn.

I am loving this new part of the blog, and if you would like to see more then let me know!

Happy Autumn!

MF x

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