How to curl short hair and get that messy look in UNDER 15 minutes

Since I had my hair cut a few months ago, I have spent more time on it than ever before. Whether that’s blowing my fridge or trying new styles, I am actually really enjoying having short hair!

When I first had it done, I had no idea how to style it in that just woke up look. That look, you know the one, where it LOOKS like it’s not really taken that much effort.

I hope I have managed to achieve that and it’s not too much work either.

For this style I have used the 1-1.5″ conical wand by xtava. Available here for £20. You can get a smaller barrelled one for tighter curls but with this size you will get that beachy soft look.

1. Section your hair into 3 horizontal sections.

2. In each section curl the hair around the barrel using the heat protection glove on your left hand and hold the wand pointing downwards.

3. Hold the end of the hair away from the barrel.

4. Remove the wand and don’t touch the curl. Just let it cool.

5. After a few minutes place your finger tips through your scalp and gently lose the curls.

6. Set with hairspray.

This wand is the first one I have tried and it does the job perfectly. The heat distributes evenly and heats up super quick. At £20 too it’s a bargain!

MF x

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