How Lansinoh makes breastfeeding easier

Breastfeeding is hard. In fact, I would say that breastfeeding is possibly one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Apart from the toe curling pain in the early days, the nip chap and the shoulder pain there is also the sleepless nights where you zombie feed the baby, panicking that you won’t suffocate them with your boob if you nod off.

It’s never easy feeding a baby, regardless of how and sleepless nights come to everyone. But there may be a stage where you want to move your baby on to a bottle.

This is where I am at right now.

I have had 8 months of 2 hourly night feeds and it’s taking its toll. My face is showing it and my brain can’t take it! I swear if I put the sugar back in the fridge one more time this week I am resigning to bed regardless of what time in the day it is!

As a breastfeeding mum, I have loved the time feeding my babies. When I had Flo, she would not take a bottle at all.

Nope. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

I tried everything. Different bottles, different tits, different angles, different postitions and even called in the husband and the mother to see if she would take it from someone else. But she was a stubborn monkey and till she was 2 and a half she had milk from me.

She self weaned and I managed to give my boobs a mini break before pregnancy number two happened. A mini break being 1 whole month after we stopped!.

So this time, I had no hopes to do the move from boob to bottle but in truth brit spirit I plodded on and decided to give it a go.

After doing the Google olympics, and asking one of my good pals from the school gates the one brand of bottle that kept on coming up was this one.


Now, I have a fondness for Lansinoh as their breastfeeding pads and nipple cream are by far the best on the market right now. So I have given the breast pump and bottles a go.

The first time I expressed, it was very easy. The pump is very sleek and very efficient. Exactly what you need when you have two children, a job and a house to look after. When I gave Edie the bottle, she bit the tit like it was a piece of steak. No lie. But after a few goes, she can now drink from it!

She would still want milk from me if that’s on offer, but it at least gives me the option. Which I never had before.

The most important thing for me with using bottles is that I did not want her to get confused and then refuse the boob, and she hasn’t.

Now I know that each baby is different and that I am in fact a different parent now compared to 4 years ago. I mean, I am the same person but you learn and change through your experiences.  So maybe I’m a little less stressed, maybe Flo was just too colicky, maybe Edie just gets it.

Either way, I am so glad I have the option.

I use the Lansinoh breastfeeding pump (single electric pump) but you can also get it as a double version or a hand pump.

It’s easy to set up, efficient and I would not be without it. It can be used mains or battery powered which is perfect for us.

If you are a new mum, or ready to enter the world of parenthood then invest in some nipple cream from them. It saved my nipples the first time round and when teething hits, it comes back again as the best thing you’ll find in your handbag!

Lansinoh are one of my favourite brands and if you are planning or already are Breastfeeding you need to check them out. Honestly their breastfeeding pads are THE BEST. I do not use any other brand but Lansinoh, and probably should buy shares in them!

You can find the breastfeeding pads here, the electric pump here, and nipple cream here.

Lansinoh most definitely makes breastfeeding easier.

MF xx


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