When Flo asked for a baby brother: Baby Annabel brother interactive doll

There comes a time where you may feel that it’s time to try for another baby, a time where you feel that longing to add another child.

We have not reached that point.

Apparently though, Flo has decided that she now wants a baby brother and although Mike and I have protested, she is addimant that mummy and daddy have to have another baby.

Not happening. I am sleep deprived already, I don’t need another one!

I how do I keep her from having a breakdown everything I say no?

The answer is Baby Annabel Brother.

Baby Annabell Brother is just like a real baby with realistic sound and movements. He can really wet his nappy & use his potty! He also babbles, gurgles , sucks on his bottle or dummy with real sounds and mouth movement , cries real tears, burps, yawns and falls asleep.

The best part? Flo has stopped asking for a baby brother, and both her and edie play mummies together with their baby ‘twins’.

The girls have always loved babies, but the Baby Annabel brother is super special. It’s the baby brother she has been asking for without mummy being any more sleep deprived than I already am!

If your children love imaginative play, they will love the baby Annabel range. It has been so cute seeing them play families together, and I am starting to see what a lovely bond they have together.

You can find the Baby Annabel Brother here or at any good toy retailer. The baby Annabel can be found here.

You can see Flo’s review on our weekend vlog here!

Sammi-Jo x

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