Cossatto Woosh: The stroller for busy parents with places to go

Life is fast paced for most people, but for ALL parents it is non stop. Non stop feeds, changes, challenges, tests of patience and non stop stress. When a brand starts putting a focus of how to help parents then that is a brand that I like to support.

Cosatto are light hearted, colourful and fun. They are practical and stylish but what they do really well is adapting their product the needs of the modern parent.

The Woosh is the busy parents best friend and will help any parent get from a to b in a flash!

It has nifty little wheels and a large shopping compartment

And super cute little added extras that the kids will love! Including a magic wand pocket!

Not forgetting pockets for your keys and phone!

And Flo’s favourite

The only thing I think would benefit this is a shoulder strap. sounds odd, and you might all be thinking, why on earth do we need a shoulder strap. However, if I needed to collapse this to for example get on escalators  whilst holding the toddlers hand then it would be a nifty little trick.

We love how compact it folds, how quick and nippy it is but most of all the ease of use overall make this my favourite lightweight stroller.

Have a quick nosey here at how easy it is to put up and collapse!

Any questions?

Much love

Sammi-Jo x


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