Closer than close: baby carrier

Everyone knows I have a love for baby carriers that runs deep. It saves you so many times as a new mum, and as mum to multiple children I cannot be without a sling or carrier. Every single day I use a carrier of some form to hold Edie, and close parent is my go to ‘easy on’ carrier at home.

Close parent was the first baby carrier I bought for Edie. Daddy freckle had a large influence on why we bought it. Apparently he has a fondness for baby carriers too, but not in the same way as I do.

It is very clear at the differences in opinion when it comes to how to carry a baby. I bet you didn’t know there were so many options, but let me tell you- there is.

Far too many if you ask Mike. He has told me in great detail that he does not rate long ‘never ending’ pieces of material that he cannot fathom the beginning, middle or end. He does love a simple, easy to put on design and from that stand point always opts for a traditional carrier opposed to a sling.

I on the other hand prefer slings. I prefer the closeness, the comfort and the support that they give. Plus they are super easy to wash and can fit into my changing bag.

That is why our choice was the Close parent Caboo. It has the closeness and comfort of a sling, whilst being easy to pop on without reems of material!

The sling is all ready, set up to go so that you just put it on, pop the baby in and tie a knot.

So now the new designs are available we are of course so excited!

Close parent are celebrating 10 years of the Caboo!

No wonder they are loved by mums, they spread the weight evenly and are so soft and comfortable. Here are the new designs.

We love ours! If you cannot fathom the traditional sling, but want something closer and softer than a carrier then the Caboo is your choice!

Much love,

MF xx


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