Christmas inspiration with Jord watches


Pronounced “Yoad”

Wooden watches with style.

I have always loved watches, I think it originated with my dads love for them. He would spend so much time researching and buying watches, making sure he got the best quality and would look after them as if he had made them himself!

That is why the Jord watches stand out to me, they look handcrafted and are hand finished to ensure the finest quality. With the women’s collection as beautiful as the Men’s collection.

Almost all year I have been eyeing up one of these watches.

My choice:


With a beautiful green emerald face and dark sandalwood, it is truly a stunning piece.

It fits like a glove, and light as a feather.

With a minimalistic, yet stylish face it is perfect for the Christmas period.

I am so happy with it, an d has become a great addition in my watch collection. You will have probably spotted it on my social accounts, but I have only just got round to writing a mini review up. It is just lush and I love it!

Find it here

To view the whole collection click here

Much love,


Luxury Wooden Watch

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