Which Car Seat would be best for the grandparents? Cosatto Zoomi Review


Undoubtedly, Cosatto are the baby brand who are the queen of print. If you ever need a fun, funky bright piece of baby regalia then Cosatto are the brand.

But its not JUST about the print (although you have to admit this is some legendary design right here!)

The 5 point harness ensures those wriggly arms stay put, with their exclusive anti-escape harness. If you haven’t heard of this before, then you are missing a trick! the system quite literally hugs the child in place making it very difficult for them to wriggle out. We did have a car seat escapee once upon a time, but since we have started to use Cosatto car seats, Flo has not been anything but safely hugged in her car seat. This gives me such a peace of mind that I can know feel comfortable giving the grandparents the seat and not worry that she will do a Houdini trick mid way through a car journey.

Now she is 4 and a half we no longer need the harness, so has been removed until Edith is big enough to face forward!

So why bother buying an extra car seat for the grandparents to use?

If you are like us, it is inevitable a return to work is on the cards at some point. I wish I didn’t have to, but hey ho it is what it is!

One BIG bonus of having a close family is that they are very happy to help out with the kids, but one real drawback is lugging a car seat from car to car TWICE A DAY!

And it had been a long time of moving car seats about, until Cosatto sent us the gorgeous Zoomi Car seat in Lamarama!

The Lamarama Zoomi

 1 2 3 car seat

From 9 months to 12 years

Grows with your child

Removable washable covers

 only £134.95

When thinking about getting a car seat for the grandparents to keep, you will probably think about the dollar. How much will it cost? BUT I know that the convenience, the ease of use and most of all the safety are more important! That is why we trust Cosatto!

Much love,

Sammi-Jo x

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