Butlins got cool

We have just returned from a midweek stay at Butlin’s Minehead resort.

I have to say that, without a doubt it has been the best quality time we have spent together since the littlest came along.

It has been a good 20 years since I last visited a Butlin’s resort, as a child myself and so the memories I had from that time are still very fond memories indeed. However I also remember it being quite basic and very very cheesy!

So we wanted to see how far it’s come in that time.

Well, I am whole heartedly amazed at the whole experience. We loved our time away and I will tell you why.


We stayed in the seaside apartments. They have been recently renovated, and the decoration and quality of the apartment we stayed in was top notch.

Our apartment was on the 2nd floor (top floor) and had a large balcony where we sat and had a drink at the night time.

The only thing with being on a higher than ground floor is that you have to lugg prams and luggage up the stairs. That’s fine if you have help but if you are a single parent I would book a ground floor. However, it was ideal for us.

It had two bedrooms a small bathroom (shower only) and a small kitchen dining area. Being open plan meant I could keep my eyes on the little ones at all times, which was brilliant.

The balcony was child safe too, very high rails and small gaps. Although I wouldn’t recommend leaving them!


Oh my gosh.

It is absolutely amazing.

The level of thought and effort the staff and entertainment staff make is unreal.

Our favourite shows were Teletubbies (which is a new show) the sing and dance along shows with the redcoats and Bill and Bonnie the bear in the Wizard.

Although there are plenty others including the famous skyline and the gang!

In between and during  shows the redcoats could not be more friendly.

The Minehead resort had a fanatic fun fair and we spent some time there every day.

The majority of the rides are completely free. I think the car racing ones were £5 a go, but apart from that we didn’t pay for any other ride.

Our favourites were the helter-skelter, the swing rides and the trampolines.

Allergy friendly food

This is a surprising part of Butlin’s. I never thought that they would be good with allergy requests. We mentioned upon booking and we’re informed it wouldn’t be a problem and it wasn’t.

However, I must say that all of the food is buffet style. There is a massive range and if you have no allergies you will be very happy indeed. As an allergy mum, buffets give me the chills. So I was pleasantly surprised that when we went into the two different restaurants that the catering staff were very accommodating. They had an allergy sheet which gave information on each dish. One night, every dish bar the savory rice contained either milk or egg. I was ready to get my self down to the local Tescos for an al fresco tea. You get a bit tetchy as an allergy mum, you see anaphylaxis is life threatening so it cannot be dealt with lightly.

However, just like every other night we went to the chef and said what could you do for us? And just like that, he gave us several options for us to choose from.

I was gob smacked.

Needless to say, the confidence in their approach gave me confidence to trust them. We did not have one incident and the food was pretty good. I would say, that the variety of deserts needs to be better, for people who have allergies but really I can’t complain because their daily and egg free chocolate torte was one of the best vegan deserts I have eaten. So massive win to Butlin’s on that one! I wish I could have took a few home with me!

All in all, we have had such a wonderful week away.

The variety on at Butlin’s is outstanding. We missed out on so many things, because we just needed more time there! So we are hoping to go back again sometime this year, and to try out one of the other resorts!

Have you been to Butlin’s recently? It’s very different to my memories of it as a child!

Much love xx


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