Bidvine: Helping searching easier

You have better things to do than search through the tonnes of review sites. Especially when all you want to do is find a local class or hire a professional with a reliable reputation.

I hate it when it feels like a never ending roundabout and do not know where to go and who to trust.

That is where Bidvine comes in.

Bidvine is a UK based local services tech start up who help you to connect with what you want.

Recently I have been suffering from some shoulder pain, and someone suggested yoga. I have tried and failed to do yoga at home, so I knew I needed a professional but I had no idea where to find one. More importantly a trusted yoga instructor.

So when Bidvine got in touch to see if they could help, I had already exhausted the usual google and to be honest I was just going to plod on with my shoulder pain. So I was glad when I went online to find it was completely straightforward.

The site is split into three processes request, review and hire.


Search what you want where you want.


Other peoples feedback and experiences.


Take your pick!

I searched for yoga in Manchester. The questions asked were straightforward, such as age of the person being trained, type of yoga and experience level.  Once you have entered this, you enter is your contact details and they do the rest. It didn’t take me longer than a few minutes to complete the whole process.

Now I have found this site, I will definitely go to it in the future!


This is a sponsored post but as always the review is my opinion.



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