Baby video monitor that lasts. Review of Philips Avent Digital Baby Monitor

When you become a parent to multiple children, there are certain things that will make your life so much easier. Buying a video baby monitor is DEFINITELY one of those things.

When thinking about buying a video monitor, be sure to look for reviews online. Bloggers usually give a wholesome account of a product but always look for the blogs that give you HONESTY. Because you want a product of quality, and that product to last.

Over the time I have been blogging, I have realised that you guys (my readership) are frugal shoppers but would rather pay for quality over ‘cheap’ items (both in price and quality). I suppose that is being frugal right, I mean who wants to buy 3 baby video monitors before you find your (4th) perfect one?

Yes I did that. Not cool.

Also. It cost me not only money, but my patience,


So now I have finally found the one!

How romantic!

And I have to share it with you, it’s the Philips Avent digital video monitor which from the minute I set it up I could tell that it was far better than the others I had tried.

First, the monitor itself is larger than standard. Which means that the screen is large (2.7 inches) and it has brilliant picture quality. The infra-red night vision automatically adjusts and the screen stays on permanently so you do not have to keep pressing any buttons to see your baby. Alternatively you can use the Eco mode.

Second, the connection has NEVER been lost. EVER. This is the first time that has happened and I am in love with how reliable the connection is.

Next, the talk back and lullaby function. A lovely added extra, but make sure you don’t show your toddler how to use it. You will regret it.

One point to talk about is the price. It’s RRP is £160 which is higher than some of the other brands I have tried but without a doubt in my mind this is value for money. I wish I would have gone straight in for this one over the other cheaper ones. I found it annoying enough with it being for my second child, but if I would have bought 3 when I was a new mum then I would have found that so stressful!

Last and no means least, the operating time. It lasts UP TO 10 hours with a 3 hour charge. I haven’t tested it to its limits, but I have had it at the side of me for 8 hours and it has lasted without being plugged in.

I am so happy with it, and with Philips as a brand. Their new natural range (in particular the breast pumps and bottles) are ace, and I have both the manual and electric pumps so if you have any questions about those too then give me a shout! I’ll be happy to answer!

Much love,

Mother Freckle

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