Babies are just Pandas in disguise: How to keep them out of the kitchen

Without baby proofing the house, it’s like leaving a panda in the kitchen. It will get into every single place you don’t want them to and leave a chaotic trail of destruction behind it.

Pandas don’t care what they eat, where they get it from or how. They will climb into the cupboards, eat all the biscuits and then climb up the stairs and get into your bed. It’s a pretty similar situation with babies.

So where to start?

Baby proofing is a never ending task. It is not something which is stagnant, it’s ever changing HOWEVER this is how I have got it started….

Baby gates:

Tall, short or auto close?

I like to mix it up, we have auto close on the bottom and top of the stairs.

Take a look at it in my January Faves here:

Tall and standard in other areas of the house but the beauty of a gate, which I love is the Modular 3 Multi-Panel gate.

Features :

Suitable for extra-wide spaces in different combinations.

Easy to fold when not in use.

All safety gate sections can be positioned where you want them.

Easy to use with a convenient slam-shut closing mechanism.

Easy screw fixing to the wall with wall-mounted fittings included.

Ergonomic handle design allows easy one-handed opening & closing.

Adjusts to fit openings from 82cm to 214cm.

Can be extended up to 430cm with separate extensions (72cm extension panel)

Excellent for wide openings/playrooms.

Annnnnd ….That’s just for starters… but we have to start somewhere right?

Find the Saftey 1st gates we have here

Much love,

Sammi-Jo x

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