Stopping the 2pm lull with Lumie SAD light

Just as the clocks go back, I have a brought out the ultimate tool to combat those 2pm lulls. I don’t know about you, but some days I feel like I could LITERALLY sleep on the spot. I’m talking sleepy zombie. Nothing new there, but I am still breastfeeding and I have only just started drinking proper coffee after nearly 5 years of abstaining from it ( yeah I have no idea how I’ve survived either). And so, I will try anything to keep me awake.

We love our Lumie body clock, (available here for only £49.99) and it really is a nice gentle way to start the day. Since returning to work, I HAVE to get up before the kids and this is a nicer wake up than a plastic dinosaur to the face, but that’s not saying much is it! However, as I now get up so early (and still up during the night) I feel that 2pm lull so much more than before. I am in fact I am hoping that Mike gets the hint and gets me the updated version for chirsitmas, but I am not holding out on that one.

So, to combat the snoozy 2 o’clock I have had the Lumie SAD desk lamp set up in my office for a couple of weeks. It works just as sunlight does, by topping up with extra bright light and has been proven to put you in a better mood and make you feel more awake, especially during the winter months!

Since using the desk lamp, I have noticed that by the time snoozy twozies come around, that actually I don’t need that caffeine kick. I am not feeling AS tired and can continue doing work through the late afternoon.

It is also a really stylish design, and I am happy to keep this in my living room or office without it looking out of place. I prefer this design as I can twist and bend the neck of the lamp, and it is touch control lighting with 4 different levels of light. The white LEDs emit extra blue, which is known to regulate the body clock.

I have heard so many different tips when it comes to using SAD lights, but I would recommend using it for an hour a day as soon as the weather starts to change, and don’t use it late into the evening as it WILL keep you awake at night!

If you have any other tips on keeping that 2pm lull away then I am ALL EARS!

Much love

Mother Freckle xx

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