You are a walking miracle

As a trainee clinical Psychologist, I have trained for the past 3 years and on my return after maternity leave, I will complete my doctorate in clinical psychology. I actually cannot believe it sometimes, and still feel out of place as not the most academic and coming from a working class family. I don’t always post about what my job is or what it means to me, but I love helping people and trying to understand what can help.

Thats why I took such an interest in hypnobirthing. I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about, but most importantly how it can help during labour. When I was pregnant the first time round, I didn’t do anything, and in fact didn’t even have a birth plan.

I know, shock horror!

I had heard so many good reviews on how hypnobirthing can help you have the birth you want but I must admit, I’m not really into the name or connotations ‘hypno’ brings. However, when I spoke to Rena, who runs the happy birthing company, I was very pleasantly surprised that she was just another mummy. When I say ‘just’ another mummy, I mean an empowering all loving and embracing woman who has 3 children and runs her own business. So yes, another mummy who is a complete mumboss.

The classes she runs are based on the calm birth school by the wonderful Suzi Ashworth and are some of the most relaxing and informative classes I have been to. The happy birthing company is located in Monton, Manchester in a cosy room, quiet and undisturbed from the hustle of everyday life.

As soon as I met her (after chatting over instagram) I felt confident that it wouldn’t be any fluffy/wafting feathers/ random hypnosis palaver and that it would be more empowering than anything else.

The classes ran over 3 weeks and lasted between 2 and a half to 3 hours, and once they finished we really missed them. My husband attended with me, and it is encouraged that they do, as ultimately they will be there at the birth so need to know what’s going to help you!

One of the most poignant statements that has stated with me is “you are a walking miracle”. I cannot express how wonderful growing a human is, but how much your body goes through to do so and every pregnant woman should be told this.

The classes consisted of facts about birth, labour and the whole to do about biological/chemical factors that have a role to play. Some of the information should honestly be taught in schools, and should be more common knowledge but it’s not. My mother openly admits to just not knowing about labour or what her own body was capable of even after having two children.

I would like to think that I am an all embracing half feminist who has complete confidence in her bodies ability to grow and birth a child, but you never actually know even as a second time mummy if your birth experience was as powerful and empowering as you felt it was. Ultimately, having the space and time to talk about your experiences and worries was the most important part.

Rena gives you the confidence to trust yourself, your body and if after all of that she gives you easy to remember tools which could be so helpful during labour to ensure you get all of your questions answered and the best birth experience you could think of.

Dads to be do not get left out, and that is a welcomed addition. They are given relaxation skills that will help not only you, but them. Something which is key if your feeling a little flustered, as the last thing you will need is a panicked birth partner. This way he can employ his own relaxation to help you calm and relax into your labour. Plus, they get some nifty little massage tips which you HAVE to practice in between sessions!


So place the ‘hypno’ aside and focus on what Rena has developed which is, the ultimate happy birthing teaching sessions. You will be given relaxation and techniques that will empower you to have the birth experience you deserve and can have. You really will not be disappointed.

Alongside the classes, you recieve unlimited email contact from Rena, even the daftest of questions she will reply to and if she doesn’t know the answer, she definitly knows someone who does. Her knowledge of Manchester is unbelievable, from acupuncture to placenta pills she has a contact.

All of her information can be found here.

The full course is £255 per couple and you recieve full mp3s and the calm birth school book to keep.

If you are pregnant and live in the north west, take a look. I wish I would have known about her during my first pregnancy and will be sure to be back if I have any more!

Thank you Rena for such a wonderful and empowering course.

Much love

Sammi-Jo xx

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  1. I don’t know anything about hypnobirthing, this was really interesting to read about it xx

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