Less whale, more dolphin like.

Are you feeling like you are the size of a whale, with heartburn that could rival a dragons fiery  breath? Well, you are in the prime of pregnancy ‘glow’.

Congratulations, you are sweating for England and possibly have two flippers at the ends of your legs that once resembled feet. Don’t be dismayed, you may feel like a whale, but you are definitely not. But it doesn’t really matter what I, or a any other random person says to you. I will probably just annoy you anyway, I know 95% of the population annoyed me whilst they told me I was ‘glowing’. Maybe that is just me, a grumpy pregnant woman. An intense version of my non pregnant self. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated the other non glowy compliments. Just for future reference, keep those coming!

You see, whilst unable to move one day, crippled with pelvic pain and sciatica in my right arse cheek that felt like I had an electric shock machine hooked up to it, I decided that I would make a 10 things to do before I give birth list. You know, because I am addicted to shopping, and lists, and anything really that makes me feel good about myself. Except it turned into 11. So it’s 11 things to do before the baby is born.

Plus, I wanted to make sure that I had any excuse to spend a bit if time on myself before the baby come along and claimed full possession of my nipples and social life for the next 6 months.

So now I have pushed this pudding into the world, I have put together this list for all of your eyes to see. If you ever needed an excuse to buy anything, now is the time. Do it quick before your partner becomes immune to the pregnancy card. The pregnancy card being of course, that you are pregnant and can do anything you want. Even if that is eat chilli crisps, chocolate and spending money on a foot spa that will soon be under the stairs collecting dust.

This list will of course stop you from buying worthless tat (foot spa) and direct you to some of the most valued items in my mother box. Alongside a few things that will help you feel a little less whale and a bit more dolphin like.

This is purely a list for you. A list to pamper and prune because you deserve to feel bloody wonderful. It will help you prepare psychologically for the wonder that is motherhood.

1. Search for your local hypnobirthing. Book on to it, you will not regret it. I would highly recommend The Calm Birth school, I attended The happy birthing company based in Manchester who use The Calm Birth hypnobirthing.

2. Start taking probiotics. I used the everyday from optibac: find them here. This can also help reduce the chances of your baby having allergies. Something I didn’t know of until I became an allergy mummy. They are just brilliant. I still continue to use them now, and I swear by them if your under the weather.

3. Book in a pregnancy specific massage. I use Karen, who is a holistic therapist. Again based in Manchester.

4. Get your hair coloured and cut (I did this at 38 weeks). I would recommend Barn//it, read my review here.

5. Get your eyebrows dyed/nails done (if this is your sort of thing). I do it at home.

6. Go to the cinema. You do not realise the ease of going to the cinema. Go now.

7. Buy an amazing changing bag, this is something I would not scrimp on. Three years into motherhood and I finally have a KeriKit. It is the most luxurious leather changing backpack and Keri has shared and amazing 20% off and free personalisation exclusively for mothers day to our followers*. My choice is the Joy, and can be found here. I wish Keri had started KeriKit was around when I was pregnant with Flo, but I know for sure this will last forever and change usage as they grow.

8. Buy some comfy clothes that will stay with you as your body shape changes. Mothers love fashion have AMAZING breastfeeding friendly dresses and jumpsuits (you would never tell they are nursing wear) and have given me and exclusive 15% discount code**. Elderflower and delilah have the ultimate breastfeeding top that changes with your body shape, so you can buy it now and use in pregnancy and beyond. It is the comfiest material you will wear and doubles up as a protective cover for your pram with SPF 5o.

9. Make a date night with your other half. We never made it out, but we made the effort with a meal in the conservatory, you know candles and the lot!

10. Make time for a ‘spa’ day. Now, this might not be your cup of tea so do what you like to do and do it ALL day. If you can’t afford anything, then make it work for you. Use the lotions/potions you already have and make a homemade face mask, I’ve tried everything from strawberries to honey and salt.

Finally, an additional one. It’s nice, but not quite pampering yourself.

11. Set in some day time plans for after the baby is born. I would recommend low level stuff to begin with, you know like trip out to the Trafford centre/ coffee with a friend/ visit family members. However, also get some nice day trips in like going to the zoo or to the beach. I loved doing this part, you can start to imagine what it will be like when the baby comes!

If you have already had your screaming bundle of joy, did you manage to get any ‘me’ time in before they came? Or would you do things differently next time?

Before you know it, the baby will  arrive and you will thank me for telling you to look after you. YOU deserve to feel wonderful.

*Use MUMSDESERVELUXURY for 20% off and free personalisation from kerikit.

**Use MOTHERFRECKLE for 15% off Mothers Love Fashion (excludes sale).

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  1. Paula says:

    Thank you so much for your helpful advice. It’s been a great help to me as a new Mummy.

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