Pacapod Prescott

Oh hello there!

I bet you are not surprised but I have another changing bag for you to eye up!

Up this time round is another beauty from Pacapod. I have to admit the versatility of the pod system is definitely a game changer and a strong favourite. I think it’s because usually my bag is more than a little unorganised.  It is actually a mess! So if I can sort it out a little then it saves my sanity when I am scrambling for a bag of rice cakes to buffer the hungry toddler.

That is why the Prescott from Pacapod made the list. It is bigger than the Hastings previously reviewed here. And has two completely separate storage areas.  The front section can easily store a laptop and lead, your phone and purse.  The back section which contains two larger pods can be packed out with whatever you could possibly need for a day out with the kids. And if you by any chance need any more space then the Prescott has an external zip which once opened will give you even more space to store more baby and toddler essentials.

It has everything you could possibly need from a changing bag and is reasonably priced. I have mine all lined up and ready to go for our next camping trip this weekend as our ‘car journey bag’.

You see, that is the thing with the Pacapod, is that you can pack them up and put them somewhere else. For example: The food pod I have packed with drinks, snacks and a couple of toys and now it is happily sitting in the fridge waiting to be put in the bag on our way out of the door. So there is no last minute grabbing things, it is all there already.

Massive mum points there! Then the changing pod, is set. Nappies, wipes, breastpads and a couple of muslins. Everything else will fit in the main compartments.

It has backpack style handles, however, these can be easily changed into a messenger style bag with a quick handle change.

The extras are included, like the 2 large pods, a change purse (can be used for a dummy) and pram attachment straps as standard. It measures 33cm x 42cm x 19cm. Easily doubles as a work bag!

Find it here for only £99!

MF xx



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  1. Amy Sibert says:

    Hey! Have been looking at getting a pacapod changing bag, backpack style. Am sling wearing a lot as have toddler as well as 5 week old. Can’t see anything on official website about this one being able to be worn as backpack but you mention it. Would you recommend or do you think other styles might be better if it’s a backpack I’m after! Thank you x

    1. Mother Freckle says:

      Hi! Wow I have so many reviews on bags on here, this one is a backpack style if that’s what you are after?xx

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