Coffee is the fuel: Booths is the source

I have yet to meet a mother who does not require some shot if caffeine at some point in the day. For most of my adult life I have drank coffee. Before work I would make 2 coffees whilst getting ready, then take one for the road. However, when I fell pregnant with my first child I had to cut it out. I was drinking far too much for what was recommended and so I weaned myself down to nothing and swapped over to decaf.


Decaf was the only coffee I drank for months, and now I don’t need a lot of caffeinated anything to feel the buzz. So when I visited Booths at their Preston factory I was overjoyed at the fact they do in fact roast a beautiful decaff there.

I have tried to find a nice decaf over the years but have only just found Booths and boy am I glad. That is definitely one to add to the after dinner coffee list.

Decaf is all well and good for the taste, but oh my goodness, it’s not what a tired mama needs.

What fuels tired mamas is proper coffee. Proper wake me up in 2 minutes flat coffee so I was ecstatic to visit the coffee factory and see how it was picked, roasted and packed before having a little tasting session.

I had no idea that so much thought and effort went into buying and roasting coffee. The guys working there are so unbelievably passionate about coffee that I feel really invested in their value based approach.

The coffee was amazing.

In particular the love and thought that Peter and Robert have for the coffee is far beyond the job title and the taste of the coffee shows.

My favourite was the Monsoon Malabar, which is picked during the rainy season and dried under shelter by Indian monsoon winds.

What an amazing experience. I will be back with my coffee addict of a father very soon!

Much love,

MF xx

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