Bobux shoes: Toddler proof

Flo gets her love for shopping from me.

It’s something that I used to love doing with my mum when I was little and if I am honest I am so happy that she is as up for a bit of retail therapy when she needs some new shoes. If she didn’t then I would be screwed, because she goes through some shoes so quick I barely have time to get back from the shops before going again!

Now, I am not sure about how you shop with your own children, but I encourage Florence to have a choice and make decisions in what she is wearing. I say encourage. Pretty much she tells me what she is wearing and I have to ‘negotiate’ with her on whether it’s ‘appropriate’.
However, when it came to the Bobux range, I felt completely comfortable in giving her free reign in what she wanted. There are so many choices!
Here are some of our favourites:

More recently I have been relying on online shopping, as although Flo will happily shoe shop, she wants to try on every pair and now there is two of them its just a tad more difficult to meet her requests (demands) to try on the “pink shiny ones again”!

I have always been a mum who goes for comfort over style, style matters but not as much as comfort, for me. This, Florence does not understand. So when it comes to shoes I have to be a little more persuasive than usual shopping but when I showed her the girls range on Bobux then she was in her element!

They are all beautiful, but Florence had her favourite pair all lined up from the first glance!
They looked good enough to eat. Well not really, but they are scrummy!
I wanted EVERY pair. Like, I wanted them, for myself! But they are a children’s shoe brand, so I was clean out of luck on that one!

As I have become a mum for the second time recently I have found out the importance of toddler friendly shoes.

She can put them on herself.
She can take them of herself.
She absolutely LOVES them, Like really LOVES them.

She wants to wear them everywhere! (Even to bed!)

They go with pretty much any outfit, and if it’s a bit nippy then she puts on tights or leggings.

However, she still wants to jump in puddles with them on! So I think I’m going to have to buy her another pair of shoes which can withstand our ‘outdoorsyness’. As a sandal shoe isn’t really made for puddles! Although, they have withstood the ‘Florence test’ puddles and all!

They are her favourite shoes at the minute, and from my view she has no blisters, they fit well and they have yet to scuff or mark!

The soft leather upper makes them feel soft enough to wear all day, and practical enough to wear to playgroup!

Please Bobux, start selling adult sizes!

Much love,


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