Baby Bjorn: The one!

It’s no secret I am an advocate for baby wearing. Keeping your baby close during the first 6 months of their life is essential in developing that secure attachment and bond that will ensure your child feels loved and safe. Carrying Florence was my saviour, she had colic for 3 and a half months, which turns out a cows milk allergy was contributing to the severity.


So this time round we was prepared.

Edith, so far, doesn’t have colic but she has reflux. Not severe, but still I don’t have a day where I’m not covered in sick!

Without fail, baby carriers make life so much easier. This baby bjorn one carrier, has so many positives!


The ease of putting on:

Absolutely key when you have a crying baby/ need to get them out of the car seat and swiftly into the shops or just need to get on with your household tasks.

Being hip friendly:

There is lots of information out there on how your baby should be carried and how their legs should sit in a carrier. This is recognised as hip friendly.

Grows with your baby:

This carrier has a easy zip which when closed is perfect for your newborn, then as they grow you can unzip and the carrier gets bigger enabling it to be suitable till they are 3 years old.


The waist support is firm and controlling. It feels like it comfortably holds your back and waist whilst carrying.


The padded straps and easy use straps means that the carry feels close, safe and secure.


This is one of the best designs I have come accross in carriers. The clips are something of brilliance. They clip on, like magic and clip on with the press of a button.

Ease of use:

The ultimate test, carried out by my husband. If he can’t do it then we ain’t getting it. This is one of the best carriers he has used and in less than 20 seconds it’s on. Perfect.

Baby bjorn you have got it spot on. Thank you! Now I don’t have a husband moaning about long wraps!


Available in Mothercare for £124.99, and so if you subscribe to gurgle or buy a gurgle mag then you can get a whole £10 off with their discount code. It is an investment in carrying which will last for years.

Much love

Sammi-Jo xx

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  1. mummymatters says:

    Without doubt this was my back’s favourite baby carrier. I used to love baby-wearing and feel pangs of jealousy whenever I see parents baby-wearing these days. My youngest is 4 years old now so i’m not sure my back could handle is anymore 😉

    1. I carried my nearly 4 year old yesterday and my back is feeling it today! I had to swop with the hubby and carry baby on the way back! Xx

    2. admin says:

      I just love this! I know how much I will miss it when they are older 😣

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