Guest blog: I love my body, I just don’t like it right now. By Charlotte AKA Kings and Greens


I’ve been up and down with my weight since my teens and it took a long stint at Weight Watchers with a post-uni girls holiday in the pipeline to really help me achieve the body I’ve always wanted. Throw into the mix marathon training and jumping onto the bandwagon of green juices and kale salads (alongside weekend pizza and prosecco ofc) and I was managing to maintain a size I was really happy with.

Then January of this year I got pregnant. My pregnancy expectations were that I’d go walking every day (I managed this around 3 times, and only to our local M&S food which completely defeated the object), eat as healthily as usual as I was now growing a human (didn’t happen) and I’d be one of those people who was ‘all bump’ (nope).

In reality I became the exact opposite of everything I’d been championing the past few years and I felt like a bit of a fraud. My sister and I had spent the last 2 years writing our healthy eating and exercise blog ( and suddenly the only exercise I got was walking up the stairs (it left me more out of breath than a HIIT class) and the healthiest thing I managed to eat was brown bread on my cheese sandwich (only reluctantly, when the school canteen was out of white).


Don’t get me wrong, I love my body. I have huge respect for what it has just achieved. I’m still in awe of the fact that you can just HAVE SEX and it makes a baby (I know it’s not always that easy and I apologise if that sounds flippant). I still can’t believe the boobs I once used to get me served quicker in a bar are now serving up their own milky mocktails to keep my little one alive with a cluster-feeding happy hour every evening (luckily she’s the only customer). But I don’t particularly like it at the moment.


I think it’s great that women are embracing the changes to their bodies after having babies and I wholeheartedly applaud women who don’t feel the need to get back to where they once were as their priorities have now changed. But I don’t want to feel bad for not embracing my new body and being desperate to fit back into my old clothes and feel like me again. Maybe it’s vain and I’ll be judged for feeling this way but as amazing as I know my body is right now I just wish I would fit into those skinny jeans.


As I said, I’ve done this weight loss journey before (check out our original weight loss blog here), yet things are different now. Firstly I don’t have the time (or inclination) to attend a million gym classes or train for another marathon (a baby is a great excuse for never having to do one again). Secondly, it’s a bigger mountain to climb this time as I have more weight to lose. Thirdly my methods have to change. I can’t cut calories as I need to keep the milky bar stocked.

So I’m doing this slowly and focusing on simple numbers. I’m aiming for 2,000 calories a day (follow me on myfitnesspal u/n CharlieQueso), 10,000 steps (not managed this magic number yet but trying to get there has forced me to get pushing that pram more), 1 litre of water and a million trips upstairs to change a dirty nappy. Follow my journey on (I’ll be writing monthly updates on the blog, month 1 already up there) and keep up to date with the daily struggle on our Instagram @kingsandgreens and keep me company on this rocky ride we call motherhood.

Charlotte AKA one half of Kings and Greens

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