Wriggle ready with Pampers

I’m not sure when she got so big, but she seems to be growing more and more confident each day and it’s making me all broody for another! Don’t get too giddy though, there are no more pitter patter of feet just yet… This one needs to learn how to sleep before any more little Freckles are being introduced!

At 17 months Edie has now become a professional wriggle bottom. She will not let me change her without a fight, so we’ve decided to change to Pampers Active Fit Nappy Pants to ensure she stays dry without interrupting her play!

We’ve set ourselves a little challenge to see whether I can change her without her noticing, allowing her to play and learn.

So do you think we can change without interrupting play?

Have you managed to do it?

I’m telling you, it’s so much easier and now, we only ever use Pampers new design nappy pants now. They give the dryness and fit that she needs and have some super cute designs too!

I think it’s a common misconception that pants are for potty training, but these are not! We use them as an alternative to tape nappies and they can be used from 6 months.

See if we managed to change her without interrupting her play or whether we had a dramatic wriggle fight on our hands here!

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