Trying to reduce plastic as a new mum: Reusable Nappies & Wipes edit

More recently I have been looking at how to be more eco-conscious. I am in no way perfect, but no one is. So this blog post is focused on how to reduce plastic by using reusable nappies and wipes, also giving you some discount codes and a ‘washing how to’ (hint it’s simple).

The last thing you need as a new mum is to feel like a failure. So if you are desperate to reduce your plastic consumption/waste but don’t know whether you can commit to full time reusables- DON’T WORRY! What most cloth bum mums don’t tell you is that they use disposables at least one point in their nappy journey. Now I am not about to call out anyone, because ultimately if you have made the change to using one reusable a day it is better than none. But I think, as a newby to cloth, I would have made the switch a long time ago if I didn’t feel so pressured to do it 100% of the time.

I thought it was all or nothing.

Either a cloth bum mum or you used disposables.

That you was either in ‘the club’ or not.

Shamed or judged.

Now I know that a lot of those feelings were my own reflection, my own judgements. I am talking from my own point of view. And I feel I sit somewhere in the middle or the two. I love using reusables, but I also use disposables.

My disposable use is that from a more eco friendly brand with no plastics to try and reduce my plastic consumption more but I thought I would do a reusables edit. If nothing more to inform, or to open yourself to a possibility of being 10% IN, instead of 100%.

Because a small change is the best change. It is the beginning of something sustainable. You are more likely to keep that going, to establish a habit.

It’s how I started, I started with 3 reusable nappies and 25 reusable wipes. Found my way, saw through the ‘unsustainable sustainability’ of it all. By this, I feel the pressure to get it right, to wash them in a certain way, to dry them a certain way or to buy a certain brand. I suppose, I see it quite simplistic in the use of reusables.

1. Buy some

2. Use them

3. Wash them

4. Dry them

5. Make them up and use again

The most sensitive or complicated element is the washing aspect (from my experience). This is because each brand has different washing guidelines. I will share what I do- and hopefully it will seem quite simple. However if you want to know more or learn more then there are so many websites and groups that can help.

First up though- some discount codes:

These are the to brands I use the most, although I do use others and they have been kind enough to give me some discount codes to share.

TotsBots: FRECKLE10 will give 10% off, excluding sale, disposable liners, Potion and certain kits (e.g. newborn).

Tickle Tots: FRECKLETOTS10 will give you 10% off everything apart from already discounted items.

Baba and boo: if you sign up to their newsletter you will get a discount code for 10% off directly to you

Cheeky wipes: FRECKLE15 will give you 15% off ANY orders over £40. They have so many reusable products, go check them out.

Ask me anything on which ones I prefer or use, and happy to answer anything.

now onto washing….

This is how I wash-

I empty my nappy bin directly into the washing machine by holing the net bag. You don’t have to take any inserts out or even touch the soiled nappies.

Sometimes this is all I do: I put the washing machine on a 40 or 60 degree wash using persil non bio washing powder.


Occasionally I used the tots bots potion.

Occasionally I put a quick 15 min 30 degree wash as a pre wash (if they are heavily soiled).

Ocasionally I use the very long cycle.

Ocassionally I add an extra rinse cycle. If they ever come out and still smell very sudsy I put them in again without my powder.

I never dry them in the tumble dryer.

I use a dry soon (heated airer) to dry. (I don’t put the outer shell or bamboo directly onto heat).

Once dry I make them up ready to use again.

Hope that’s made it clearer for you, and I’ll try and do more on sustainable stuff as I’ve had so many requests on my instagram. If you don’t already, you can follow me by clicking here!

Take care loves xx

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