Tired Tuesdays

Hello my lovely lot!

Sorry it’s been a little while, I don’t think I have ever gone this long without a post but here I am back and as grumpy as ever! Only joking, I am actually feeling like I’m finally getting the grips with this parenting of two lark. Well it has been nearly a year!

I thought seen as though I’ve not posted in a week that I would ease you back in gently with a little post.

It’s been pretty full on over the summer, with festivals, camping and lots of days trips. My parents have also moved house and we have done so much to our house. We moved 2 years ago and it was a real do-er up-er so we are still getting things done after all this time, but how on earth do you find time with two kids to wallpaper?

We are also very busy planning a special 4 year olds party and the big 1 for Edie next month!

Edie is teething terribly at the moment and therefore results in exactly 2 hours and 42 minute sleep each night with every other hour of the day being held or carried in a sling. Flo has started nursery full time but it is a school nursery so she’s very much in the whole uniform, ready to learn mode.

It’s all go for the grown ups too with daddy freckle starting a new job!

So tired is an understatement.


I have tried to combat it with eating loads but I’m not sure that I can excuse breastfeeding as a reasonable excuse to eat cake so I am going to try to keep up this motivational streak. I’ve started taking my pregnancy and breastfeeding multivitamins again today (after being so rubbish at taking them the past few months) and we even have a meal plan!

I know! What’s happening to me?

I can say however that I will need all the support in continuing to keep motivated so apart from a Berocca in the am then send me any advice on how to keep moving! I need it!

And if you are ever getting blog withdrawals then make sure you are following me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for different content!

Much love, MF  xx

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