The Ultimate Frugal Father’s Day Gift guide For the picky dad

Pretty much any Father’s day present sold in the big supermarkets are so far off the mark and are not what my husband would want for a gift.

Novelty socks? A tee with Homer Simpson on? Rubbish beer with a father’s day label on it? Massive slippers? Chocolate? All Big fat No’s from us.
He’s 29, has only ever wore black or white socks in his adult life, doesn’t wear novelty tees, he doesn’t drink alcohol, is dairy free and the dog would just eat the slippers.
Picky? Some would say so, but he’s not really, but there’s not much in range for dads who are sentimental, stylish but frugal.
So what to buy then?
Then what happens when you only have a few quid for a present?
Well, I have saved you the google Olympics and put together this huge long list for some inspiration! This is my 10 ideas frugal gift guide for dad’s with everything on the list under £10. Plus some free ideas for you to do at the last moment  (if you are as unorganised as I am).

  1. Get voucher happy. You can make custom vouchers easy peasy and cost nothing. Ideas could be A day off… A pass to watch footy in the pub…
  2. Make a collage of photographs and put them in a frame.
  3. Make a picnic and head for some grass… or just have it on the floor in the living room if its raining!
  4. Cufflinks
  5. Photo mug
  6. BBQ lover? Burger press from flying tiger only £3, Pack of sausages and a disposable BBQ for a lunch in the park.
  7. Record a video with the kids talking about all of the memories you have had together over the past year.
  8. Wash his car.
  9. Parent apparel Dadass pin badge.
  10. Give him a sleep in pass! I know I would like that one!!

Do you have any frugal ideas? Please do share them!


Much love xx


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