Talking sleep and how to get more with Christy home

It has been over 4 years since I became a parent and I have been sleep deprived that whole time. I have tried every single trick to get the kids to sleep but somehow they figure out that I am a soft touch and play me like a fiddle.

So when it came to me returning to work, I had to set some sort of sleep routine for myself never mind the kids!

Why is it, that we try so hard to keep the kids in a bedtime routine but that we don’t do ourselves any favours?  And can find ourselves googling random stuff at 3am in bed like “do penguins feel the cold? “….

Just me? Ah well.

So, I decided that an adult sleep routine was the best way forward to help me to keep those zZzZ’s coming in the night time and help with my return to work.

I have thrown together some of my top tips to help make your bedroom perfect for sleeping in.

Make your bedroom inviting

Not in a creepy way, like you want loads of random people to knock on for a brew but for you.

You, not your partner, not your kids.

Tidy it up (shove the ironing pile in the wardrobe/shove the hair brush and hairdryer in a drawer etc).

Make it a comfortable temperature. A little but like goldilocks. Not too hot and not too cold. In fact research suggests for your bedroom to be cool, not warm.

Perfect bedlinen. I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally have some Christy Home bedlinen.

It is seriously beautiful. Like, nothing I have ever had before.

The quality of their bedding is more than standard, it’s the very best. The colours, the feel the detailing is nothing short of perfection.

If you are looking for true quality bedding, or other home items then you can be sure to find the very best here. Our pick is the brand new Anya range and you can find it here.

So make sure that you make your bedroom space yours, but don’t be surprised if your little monkeys sneak in because well let’s face it mummy’s bed is always comfier.

Much love

Mother Freckle xx

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