Talking about…. a baby!

I actually can’t believe that I am writing this blog post.



I cannot believe it.

It’s been months of keeping the fact we were trying for a baby quiet then as soon as we open up and start talking it happens. I cannot see this as a coincidence. I genuinely believe in talking about everything. However, some how when we talk about trying to conceive it becomes a secret. A secret subject, when actually you need to talk about it. At a time where it is most difficult to get support because not many will know your secret. Reach out to someone- your midwife, GP, neighbour, friend, relative, partner. It might be the support or help you need, whether medical or emotional ❤️

Once you have had a child, it becomes even more of a controversial conversation. Family members demand siblings for your child, some even saying how unfair it is for a child to not have siblings. On the other hand,  if you do want more children and it isn’t happening- then you can get shrouded in ‘you should be thankful’ messages. Which although good willed (in most cases) can cut deep.

Trying for a baby is such a beautiful time but for some, can come with such heartbreak. Loss, negatives and stress. So for all those who are trying- don’t give up hope. I know everyone says the same thing, but hope keeps us going and the promise of that baby will keep the hope alive.

Since I’ve started talking about trying to conceive after children, I’ve had mostly mums (and a couple of dads) reach out. So I’ve decided to keep talking even though we have our positive line. Because hope is everything. Hope keeps us going.

So if you haven’t got your positive line please don’t lose hope.

If you are trying to conceive please do speak to someone. Your GP, your friend, your mother, your father. Don’t keep it to yourself.

So why am I telling you now, and not after the 3 month scan?

For other pregnancies I have kept it quiet for 3 months. But why?

Surely if the reason is to wait for the first scan/ to get through the ‘high risk of miscarriage ‘ stage then I don’t want to wait. I want to be honest with you, because honestly- every part of parenthood should be talked about. Even the most devastating of experiences of loss. We should never feel alone. What are your feelings on keeping it a secret?

I remember saying to myself how I felt pregnant, and I didn’t quite believe it. But felt it. Because other months I had felt pregnant, even stopped eating certain foods because I had gone off them. I have heard through friends that fake pregnancy symptoms are so common when you are trying to conceive. But does everyone know this? That your brain is such a powerful thing that it tells you that you are, when you aren’t.

After all of that ramble I was to say-

To every single one of you who messaged me- thank you. A huge thank you.

Here is to our little journey into a family of 5!



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  1. Kate says:

    Ahhh congratulations to you all, what amazing news. We really are over the moon for you x

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