We take the kids everywhere even to a Spa Hotel! Our experince of Wynyard Hall

Recently, we enjoyed a full spa weekend at Wynyard Hall, in the North East of England. If you follow my Instagram, then you may indeed recognise this name as just before Christmas we booked to stay in one of their beautiful cottages with hot tub and stunning landscape views. So when they invited us back to stay at the main hotel we couldn’t say no.

Upon booking with Wynyard Hall, I couldn’t fault their attention to detail.

They asked about allergy requirements, preferences for the room and even checked if we needed spa reservations making. It was a beautiful pleasure to speak to the team and from the moment of booking we were so excited to return!

We first found out about Wynyard Hall at The Northern Blog awards last year, and I am so thankful that we did as it is a little piece of Northern charm.

Based within landscaped parkland, Wynyard Hall is a stunning country spa hotel which provides a charming and warm stay for couples and families alike.


Whilst we were there, we stayed in the Lady Mae suite which was beyond our expectations.
The suite comprised of a living area, which had a sofa bed, television, lounging area and a coffee and tea station with complimentary tea and coffee.

This made our stay super comfortable as we could put the girls down to sleep and retire to the living area with a nice cold drink and relax with the large windows looking out onto the surrounding landscape.
The sleeping area (yes there were two rooms!) had the bounciest and luxurious bed which the girls and I shared leaving Mike to sleep on the sofa bed undisturbed!
Within the suite, the most impressive room for my was the bathroom. I love a good bathroom, I think its because I then draw inspiration from them to go back a dream of changing my own! (although we all know that’s a good few years off).


The menu offered a wide variety of dishes. They provide a unique dining experience with exquisite tastes and textures.

The breakfast was lush

If you manage to book a stay at Wynyard hotel PLEASE make sure that you book afternoon tea while you are there. As a family with allergies to dairy and egg, afternoon tea is usually something of a non event. It never happens.
Previous afternoon teas have consisted of dry bread, with cucumber and fruit/ jelly. Well, let me tell you… OH MY GOODNESS. Wynyard Hall have clearly decided to make a stand against poor versions of dairy and egg free afternoon tea. By gosh have they nailed it. They used dairy free butter, soya milk and made plenty of vegan deserts to ensure we left feeling overjoyed about our experience.

The Spa
Set separate to the hotel, a short walk ( 2 minutes) you can indulge in what non parents would call a spa day. I would class this as essential self care.

With an extensive treatment list, you will be able to find something which will melt every last cry and whinge away.



The Spa hosts a range of relaxing treatments, and if you stay in the hotel you can experience the Spa facilities for £20 for a full 2 hours. By gosh I made every minute last.

Wynyard Hall’s impressive thermal heat suite is the perfect place to unwind and instil a sense of calm. The spa facilities include a herbal sauna, steam room, ice fountain, salt inhalation room, rasul mud chamber and outdoor hot tubs with stunning views across the lake.


Thank you Wynyard Hall, you have a little place in our hearts and we will be sure to be back again next year…. but maybe next time we will call in a favour from the grandparents so that we can do some real relaxing!

Find a little vlog of some of our time there on You Tube here:

(we lost lots of content recently in a file error so its shorter than we wanted but still gives you a little extra)

Sammi-Jo x

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  1. Ruth says:

    We live not far at all from Wynyard and we love a hot tub break, so we’ll definitely have to get round to visiting here soon. I’ve heard some fab reviews!

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