When should you stop carrying your child?

Parenting is hard. But the judgement that comes with it is harder.

You all know that I am a great advocate for  speaking your mind, but be it judgement free. There is a balance don’t you think?

More recently I have had a few comments (from extended family I must add) which has got that little fire burning in my belly and my wavy ‘stop being so judgemental’ finger out and ready for a good wagging. I’ve lined up the order of the day, judgemental Susan style…..

Today you will be dining at the world renowned Judgemental Susan’s Diner. All meals are served with a side order of eye roll, awkward deep breath or a series of ‘when mine were little stories’.


Isn’t she heavy?

Is she walking yet? 


Isn’t she too big to be carried?

Awww isn’t she cute, how old is she… only to be followed with oh you STILL carry her?


Doesn’t she hurt your back?

Doesn’t she want to get down and walk?

Its a bit much at Susan’s Diner, right?

But unfortunately the Susan’s of the world offer up judgement so here I am to tell you otherwise.

Below I’ve answered some questions I have had on Instagram recently…..

When is the right time to stop carrying or baby wearing?

When you feel its right

When should I stop picking her up and popping her in the carrier?

When you feel its right

How do you carry her on your back?

With the Izmi carrier I have its easy peasy and I will pop up a demo on my YouTube this Saturday

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What is easier a wrap or a carrier?

When they are younger I prefer a wrap… when they get bigger (9 months ish) then a carrier is easier. However one that is close and similar to a wrap is definitely easier on the back.

My baby is older now, is it too late to start carrying?

No. It’s never too late, I carried both of mine as tiny babies but that is because I found it so much easier and I could happily get on with things.

Which carrier is your favourite?

The one I am loving at the moment is the Izmi Toddler carrier. It feels as close as a wrap but so easy to clip and put on.

How do you stop them from straightening out their legs?

Oh my loves, if you have a leg straightener its hard work to wrap them, but with a carrier its so much easier because it’s a couple of simple clips. Persevere and keep calm. Distraction can help (give them a teething toy)

Tell me how you carry, what you use and how you cope with wriggly toddlers!

I would love to hear!


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  1. I’ve just won an Izmi carrier and am so excited to start using it with my 3’month old, although I love my stretchy wrap too. I’ve had my fill of ‘he needs to get used to the pram/his own cot/ other people/ a bottle’ comments this week! x

    1. Mother Freckle says:

      Oh have you! You will really love the izmi carrier then once you are ready to use it 🙂 I used to love the stretchy wrap but mine didn’t last long in that, so had to move to something more sturdy!

      Has it been one of those weeks where everyone is telling you something different? I remember feeling so overwhelmed sometimes xx

  2. Katia says:

    We’re so glad that you get on well with our Izmi Toddler Carrier and look forward to seeing your demo. Carrying your little one offers so many benefits to both child and parent and suits our modern busy lifestyles so well! Many thanks, Katia @ Cheeky Rascals/ Izmi xx

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