Rainbow of love for Me & I Clothing

For any one who knows me, you know I love clothes… and shoes… and bags… oh okay, I may have a slight addiction to shopping. So when a new brand pops up then I am more than happy to share my views on them.

If you have not heard of me&i before then you will find they are one of the most colourful and happy branded companies with a range of children’s and adults clothing. Their ethos is to make clothing that is easy to wear and versatile, so it can take you from work to the playground with ease.

However, style aside, one of the most important things to highlight about this brand is their responsible manufacturing process. Now, I am a mum of two, on maternity leave and barely have the pennies to shop at Tesco some months and have to opt for Aldi. However, when a brand makes it a priority to ensure good working conditions for their staff and adhere to a specific code of conduct then it goes without saying that is something to pay that little extra for. I am very passionate about the sourcing of products, whether that is food or clothing. So when I am thinking about buying quality from a responsible and ethical brand, me&i will be up there with my go to brands.

For me, the classic straight pants were the first item which stood out. They are as true to colour in real life as on screen, but even more so you can feel the quality.

My mum tum fits in them, a bit snuggly at the moment but then again I did have a baby 6 months ago so I’m giving myself a break on that one! The length is perfect for a rolled over look, but I am 5ft 6″ so if you are taller or shorter take that into account when ordering the size. I ordered a size 12 and they have a handy size converter on their site, which I would recommend to use to make sure you get the right fit. They are priced at £74.

They are true to size and I can easily toddler tame in them. The ultimate test is the squat/ lunge test and I can confirm that they passed with flying colours! I mean lets face it, if you cant bend over in a pair of pants then as a mother you will never wear them. So I know I will be getting a lot of wear out of them. Gosh I sound like my own mother! I can just hear her saying… “make sure you get your wear out of them”.

I digress… as usual!

The other items we have, included both the dino short tunic priced at £21 and the doggie body suit priced at £20.

The dino dress is a swimming pool favourite. The material is terry cotton so has a lovely soft feel to it, easy to put on and is so fun! The colours are as bright as the sun and have not faded after washing. I always put this in the swimming bag for after swimming, because the last thing I need is a hard to put on top and pants combo whilst attempting to get a baby ready at the same time! Flo can put it on herself and loves the motif so much!

It definitely brings out her inner dinosaur!

The baby organic cotton body suit is lush. You can feel the quality and I just love the pattern and colour.

Needless to say, if you are looking for a quality brand with an ethical ethos then me&i are your bag.

I have my eye on the new men’s range and the striped everyday dress… and the perfect dress… oh hurry up pay day!

You can also host a party, and receive a discount when you host so you can always have a nosey at that on their site.

Do let me know if you have heard of them before or give them a try, I would love to hear about the other items!

Much love,

Mother Freckle xx



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