Pregnancy: are you public property?

Them: How far are you?

Me: 24 weeks

Them: Aren’t you big.

Are you sure it’s not twins *awkward laugh *

Me: No. *straight face*

Cue tumble weed.

(I’m always up for an awkward silence if it’s required 🧐) Is anybody else fed up of having this said to them or hearing from pregnant women fed up of having people’s opinions projected onto them? 

Before today I was happy to say no politely. But actually that’s not helping anyone. I’ve had a few more serious messages from pregnant ladies asking for advice on how to deal with comments about THEIR body. Two in particular really stuck with me. They shared that the comments are now making them so anxious they dread the school run. Dread going out and have become reclusive.

How terrible is that!

It wouldn’t be acceptable to comment on other people’s body’s so why do *some* people feel that they can comment on a pregnant body or even touch someone?

I suppose I just wanted to open up a discussion about it, and I thought it would be helpful to share a few ideas of what is nice to hear, and what isn’t so nice to hear when you are pregnant. 

You can play these out however you want 😘 Pass them on to people, tag people in the comments and always remember, they wouldn’t comment on your size/weight at any other time in your life so just because you are pregnant doesn’t make you fair game.


Wow, you are huge/look big.

Are you sure you are not having twins? (Seriously that joke is so old even my grandma is sick of it 😝 and it’s not funny- just a socially acceptable way of shaming)


Touch, rub or point at someone’s bump/ belly. IT IS NOT YOUR BODY.

Talk about THEIR family size or if they want a particular gender. 


You look amazing (even if she doesn’t)

Pregnancy really suits you (even if it doesn’t)

You are beautiful 

Your bump is so cute/beautiful/lovely (any nice words you can think of)

What a lovely addition you’ll have to your family

And after all of that, remember that actually pregnancy is not that whole person. You could actually just ask her how she is. What nice shoes she has on. Or talk about anything you would normally talk to someone about who isn’t pregnant? 

Just a thought 😂👍 #thoughtoftheday

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