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I love blogs and follow many but I have neglected mine for the past month. Life has been busy, but I am back again with a new series;

“How to Parent”

Rule number 1.

Parent like no one else. 

My usual mornings, are a hamster wheel of routine. Like everyone else who has to do the school run, you know my pain when I talk about the ‘getting out if the house dance’. It. is. re.lent.less. No matter how many times the dance is rehearsed, you never get the steps quite right. Sometimes you step on each others toes, other mornings you completely lose your shit, just about manage to get the kids hair brushed and shoes on the right feet.

SO this morning, after our 5am wake up call (yeah thanks Edie), and the usual song from Flo about wanting the pink bowl, not the blue one….I stopped. Literally stopped in my tracks, with my scarecrow hair and said outloud: okay girls who is coming outside?

They both looked at me, then at each other.

Anyone would have thought I just told them that they could have ice cream for breakfast.

So we went outside, played in the teepee, and guess what. We had ice cream.

For those few minutes, I sat and watched them. I am an emotional person, and I cry happy and sad tears often.

This morning I cried happy tears. I sat with them, next to the teepee and was actually WITH them. For a long time I have been on that hamster wheel, and don’t get me wrong, I will probably be on that hamster wheel again…. but today I was 100% there and felt that love, that connection with the girls and I needed that as much as they did.

Some days I lose my shit. Some days I have no patience, but some days I eat ice cream with them for breakfast, sit in the teepee and then scoot to school.

For anyone who is a parent worrying if they are doing it right: You are. Have faith in yourself that you know what is best for your children. Even if that’s throwing the rule book out of the window, eating ice cream and being late for school. As long as its not everyday, what’s wrong with having a moment?

Today, parent like you…. and don’t apologise for it.

Much love

Sammi-Jo x


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